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About PlayStation Trophies

Since 2008, PlayStation systems reward players with trophies for their gaming achievement. To obtain an award, players must hit specific milestones in each game. The level system gives the player an incentive to get more trophies. Moreover, these trophies work on a tier-based system – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

All it needs to earn trophies is to play the game, complete the campaigns, or won several matches in multiplayer. The primary purpose of earning awards in PlayStation games is to parade the user’s gaming skills to other users. Moreover, “rewards passes” are also available to reward players for their accomplishments. Earning trophies give players free online games and a privilege to access the latest PlayStation Plus games before membership expiration.

Below are the trophy’s values(but not official) based only on the collected trophy data from the leading trophy hunters.Bronze is equivalent to 15 points
Silver is equal to 30 points
Gold is equal to 90 points
Platinum is equal to 180 points

The platinum trophies signify 100% completion, which means awarded only to users who obtained all other trophies in a game. is a perfect resource for beginners in the trophy hunt and for those needing help in overcoming difficult trophy. is the best place to get information about earning trophies and tracking personal trophy status by entering personal PSN profile.

PS Trophies App is a mobile-friendly tool for checking trophies.